PU (polyurethane) faux (synthetic) leather material is using knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, or non-woven fabrics because the substrate and coated with polyurethane resin. https://walterychina.com/what-is-pu-leather/ The fabric can be utilized for a wide range such as shoes, apparel, furniture, handbags etc.

Real leather is taken off from animals, like pigskin, sheepskin, crocodile skin, etc. The initial layer of leather is directly processed from the raw skin of varied animals or slice the thick skin of cattle, pigs, horses, etc into upper and lower layers. The upper part is processed in to the first-layer of leather. The next layer of leather is a combination of PU resin and the lower layer of skin or scrap material of the pet skin. The toughness, handfeel, and abrasion resistance of the second layer are much lower compared to the first layer of leather.

How to distinguish real leather and PU leather?

First, we should identify from the areas of leather pattern, pores, etc. Is seen in the surface of natural leather, the pores do exist, and the distribution is uneven, there’s animal fibers, side section, and the layers are clear, and there is animal fibers in the low layer. Try with your fingernails, you will see leather fibers, there exists a feeling of napping, and handful of fibers can be removed, and the faux leather can see the fabric, there is no animal fiber in the side, and the general epidermal does not have any pores, however, many are imitation leather pores, you will have undesirable pores, some of the patterns are not obvious, or have a compared artificial pattern, and the pores may also be quite consistent. At the moment, they may be carefully observed by the aid of magnifying glass, or can easily see the fine difference.

Generally speaking, the costs of real leather (especially the initial layer leather) are very much higher than PU leather, so is real leather is with much better properties than PU? The solution is no. Real leather is expensive is because of its many reasons. Such as for example scarce sources and tedious processing of animal skins. Nowadays with the development of technology, nature leather can not achieve many excellent properties of PU leather especially solvent-free PU and DMF-free water-based PU. Due to their excellent physical & chemical properties, healthy & eco-friendly & animal-friendly performance, good uniformity, etc, Europe and United States, etc are highly respected and gradually choose innovative PU leather rather than real leather.