10 Reasons Why Choose White Label Online Reputation Management

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Online reputation management (ORM) is a marketing tool for small businesses and large corporations alike to assess consumer perception of the brand and monitor and take action on online reviews and feedback. Entrepreneurs have taken over the online space to do trading and commerce. With the global pandemic, this space for business owners has grown so much. Business owners must be aware and knowledgeable of their online footprint to improve product and service delivery actively.

White label reselling is done when a product or service is taken from another provider and branded as its own. In white labeling, the buyer assumes that the seller is selling its product. 

Reputation monitoring white label reselling is one of the aggressively growing services for companies across most industries. It is the process of utilizing a third-party reputation management provider, rebranded to carry as your own agency’s brand. It is a vital service that offers a proactive and reactive approach to your business. Proactive ORM is an effort for the company to build a positive reputation. On the other hand, the reactive approach deals with service recovery from complaints gathered.

Here are ten benefits of the white label online reputation management option.

  • The economic benefit of white label reputation monitoring

White label ORM works better for small, start-up companies and consultants. With limiting factors, such as staffing and your time as a business owner, partnering with third-party reputation management saves time and money. A reputation company working as part of your company’s arm can manage your reviews, listings, and responses without directly hiring a dedicated team for it.

  • Add-on digital marketing service

On top of search engine optimization and social media management, ORM can be added-value to your arsenal of services. Your company can be a one-stop-shop of marketing tools and resources. 

  • Proven and tested reputation campaigns and system

Hiring a seasoned reputation management firm allows you to have access to their data and resources. Integration of proven and tested campaigns is one of the perks. Costs are close to none for research and development.

  • Expertise and technical know-how

It takes a well of experience to manage online reputation and handle complaints. One of the advantages is leaving the expert handle the brand identity. Capitalize on their expertise.

  • After purchase service and software solution

Reputation management service that is white-labeled does the job for you – as you. You can brand the software as yours with the added perk of superior technical support and customer service.

  • User-friendly process and workflow 

Birth pains, confusion, and delays won’t be a problem with third-party ORM providers. White-labeled ORM assists from start to finish with personalized technology transfer and training. In addition, these platforms are usually standardized, user-friendly, and works in a time-sensitive manner.

  • Build conversions

White label ORM understands that great raves, mentions, and online reviews drive conversion. Therefore, it is a solid strategy to offer white-labeled ORM software because it works to make your company the top of mind.

  • Credibility building

Offering ORM with the rest of your marketing resources gives your company the added edge against competitors. It also adds to the premium image of your brand as one of the pioneers offering this service.

  • Easy integration

One of the benefits of ORM software white-labeled is the convenience of integration with other marketing tools and solutions.

  • Improve local search engine optimization 

The most important benefit of white-labeled ORM is the enhancement of SEO. A well-managed online presence and good online reviews yield better search rankings. High visibility builds traffic count and higher chances for conversion. A highly visible and well-reviewed company translates to better revenue.

White-labeled ORM for a start-up or even large-scale companies is a worthwhile investment. It cuts costs, labor, time, and other resources that can be utilized in other endeavors. In addition, it offers expertise and technicalities of the software that carries your brand.